Professional, cheerful, kind, helpful and healing are words I would use to describe my impressions of Motionworks.  Thank you so much.  - B.M.

I broke my shoulder in two places from a fall at a ball game.  I was in a sling and immobilizer for nearly three months.  When I started therapy in June I could not straighten my left arm.  I could not reach the top of my head or touch my right shoulder.  I had no strength in my left arm.  After therapy I can straighten my left arm arm, can reach over my head, and touch my right shoulder.  I can now close my car door and turn my steering wheel with my left arm.  I am very pleased with my therapy with Dana and her staff.  Thanks!        - J.O.


When I came to Motionworks, my lower back and hips were killing me!  I had difficulty running, walking, and simply getting out of bed.  However, after several weeks of physical therapy at Motionworks, my pain was remedied and I was able to return to playing soccer regularly.  Thanks to Motionworks, I am now pain free and doing what I live to do.       -  J.H.


In my opinion Moitionworks should be called Miracleworks.  The relief of pain and freedom of movement in my neck and head given by the therapy were truly miraculous.  Not only were the treatments soothing and relaxing, they gave me many times over the relief given by shots which had been used in the past.          - C.H.


I went to physical therapy limited in how much and how well I could move due to terrible lower back pain.  After just 3 weeks of therapy from the team at Motionworks, I regained full motion of my back and was able to work so much better.  The crew at Motionworks was so friendly and did a wonderful job.  Thank you so much Motionworks!   - K.W.

Far and above, excellent care and great environment.  Steady improvement and they kept me encouraged.  Pleasant staff and flexible scheduling.   -M.D.

I went to the ladies retreat at Falls Creek and walked up a VERY STEEP HILL and walked all the time without your help I could not have done it.  You treated me more like family than a patient.  -J.C.

Well today was a big day for me I graduated from physical therapy over the past 9 months and 2 weeks I have gone to physical therapy 2-3 times a week and looking back I remember hearing them say we're going to add this and I would think how do they expect me to be able to do that and then they would show me and I'd do it and I think aww that wasn't so bad !  I remember when they took me from a walker to a cane I thought it was the end of the world I didn't think I could do it was pretty sure I couldn't they showed me I could then when the day came to take the cane I was like what no I can't do this and well I could!  Now I don't know how to say the right words to thank everyone at MotionWorks Physical Therapy for all the time and love they have gave and showed me ! Thank you for showing me I could do it ! Dana Terry I truly hope you and your girls know how much I appreciate all of ya'll! - L.R.